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Please call and ask for the best price in advance with a one night refundable deposit. We can reserve the lodge in advance and wait until your tag has been drawn.

Ice Climbers

Are allowed a 10% discount on room rates.


Please call and ask for the best price. Prices can be negotiated based on amount of rooms, length of stay and time of year. The price will be hard to beat and it won't pay to drive back and forth. The room rates will be better than those posted currently. Summer peak season is much more difficult to book and offer deals (mid-June to mid-August).

Booking the Entire Lodge

4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, Sleeps up to 15

There are 9 separate beds.

The rates below are for peak season. If you are a contractor or ice climbing group or a hunting party you will most likely not be here during the peak season. You may view the off peak rates on the rates page but please call to see if I can do any better based on length of stay if you are looking to rent the entire lodge or maybe even a room or two. 

Check-out 10am, Check in time 4pm unless arranged otherwise


3rd week of June through 2nd full week of August. Rates $230 per night. 

  • Add Room 5 (bunkbeds) rate is $250 per night.


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